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REMix project aims to strengthen the role played by the university in advocating for constructive, responsible and inclusive education about migration in Europe and  encourages the social and democratic involvement of migrants in European universities The Consortium aims to develop a responsible, cooperative and innovative education approach to the realities of migration in Europe by exchanging knowledge about migration in various national contexts and design a comprehensive and interactive interdisciplinary course to teach students at the university level thus to encourage the social and democratic involvement of immigrants in European universities.


The life of many individuals is shaped by mobility. In 2015, almost 5 million individuals migrated to the 28 EU member-states, of which about half held citizenship outside the European Union. While migration management is on the political agenda, questions about education, equality and inclusion are at the heart of debates about mobility and migration in Europe.

REMix focuses on the social, educational and intellectual role of the European universities as an agent advocating for inclusion, equality and social justice in matters relating to migration. 


The engagement of universities in public contemporary debates about migration plays an important role in shaping students’ understanding of societal matters and democratic and civic engagement.

The universities also hold a responsibility in educating competent researchers and practitioners while students need to be able to enrich their theoretical understanding with a practical approach to develop cross-cultural and multicultural sensitivity and gain the skills to approach the current situation and find the most suitable opportunities for change. 


The REMIX online Course create the base for  an international learning community where  innovative learning and teaching techniques interact with the University project tutors and higher education students from across Europe.


The members of this community are students on one side and Professors/teaching staff on the other, both animated by the desire to build new knowledge and competence to be transferred from inside the Universities to the labor markets, institution and civil society at large.

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The REMix project addresses the specific need to engage university students in reflection on the important societal issues of migration and inclusion and it is line with the EU policy objective to establish a realistic perspective to immigration based on solidarity, and within the EU framework which emphasizes the need to address common challenges in educational strategies among European countries. 

Actions to promote the education and engagement of young people on issues of migration is crucial to develop the socio-cultural knowledge of university students and better prepare them to engage in a world where the understanding of diversity is indispensable. Moreover, recognizing the importance of university education in apprehending diversity is a useful approach to promote equality, inclusion and social justice and support civic engagement in public institutions.

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